Makara Sankranti, also known as Makaraa Sankrānti, is a festival day in the Hindu calendar, in reference to deity Surya (sun). It is observed each year in January. It marks the first day of sun’s transit into the Makara (Capricorn), marking the end of the month with the winter solstice and the start of longer days.

Makara Sankranti is one of the few ancient Indian festivals that has been observed according to solar cycles, while most festivals are set by the lunar cycle of the lunisolar Hindu calendar. Being a festival that celebrates the solar cycle, it almost always falls on the same Gregorian date every year (January 14), except in some years when the date shifts by a day for that year. The festivities associated with Makar Sankranti are known by various names such as Maghi (preceded by Lohri) by north Indian Hindus and Sikhs, Makara Sankranti (Pedda Pandaga) in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana, Sukarat in central India, Magh Bihu by Assamese, and Pongal by Tamils.

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Purified Mango wood (Aam sticks) 1 Unit
Kumkum(Red powder) 1 Unit
Akshat (Rice) 100 Gram
Gangajal (Holy water) 1 Unit
Shriphal (Nariyal)/Coconut 1 Pices
Orange Cloth 1 Unit
Sandal Powder (Chandan) 25 Gram
Surya Yantra 1 Unit
Makarsankranti Yantra 1 Unit
Makarsankranti photo 1 Unit
Mango leaves (Aam ke patte)/Magnifier Leaves 1 Unit
Aasan (Specially woolen Aasan) 1 Unit
Incense sticks (Agarbatti) 1 Unit
Basil Leaves(Tulsi Patta) 1 Unit
Clay Deepam 5 Pieces
Cotton wicks (Diye ki Batti) 1 Unit
Sugarcane Cube (Ganna) 5 Pieces
Gud (Jaggergy) 100 Gram
Sudh Ghee (Ghruta) 100 Gram
Turmeric Powder (Haldi powder) 50 Gram
Kalash (Finial) 1 Unit
Camphor (Karpoor) 50 Gram
Cloves (Lounge) 25 Gram
Red Sandal Powder/ Laal Chandan 25 Gram
Surya idol (Surya Bhagban ki Murti or Photo) 1 Unit
Clean Red Cloth (Saaf Laal Kapda) 1 Unit
Betel Nuts (Supari/Areca Catechu) 50 Gram
Sessame Seeds (Till) 50 Gram
Betel Leaf/Piper Betel/Tambulam 1 Unit


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