About Us

Every person has a root. A root that links that person to his/her heritage. What are we, if we are not the extensions of our Ancestors. With the heritage, comes traditions and with traditions we get rituals. Rituals are what we have been taught to observe/celebrate through generations and generations. But like many things, over time we have forgot the true meaning of Rituals and we just observe it because our Ancestors use to do that. Which is fine, but with the micro family system and fast life style, we are also forgetting how to do the Rituals in the proper way.

RitualsMart is an Online Portal to help people understand there rituals and how to observe it properly. India is a place of vast heritage and culture. It’s said that approximately within every 20 Km’s there is a difference in Language, culture and traditions in India. With so much diversity from North to South and East to West in Terms of Religion, Caste, Gothra, Language etc, it’s quite possible to confuse with one’s rituals. Over time, these confusions becomes larger and we tend to forget the real reason and the proper way to do a Ritual.

Here in RitualsMart, we have spend countless hours going through various religious books, Vedas and Upanishadas to list how a Ritual should be performed and what are the essential items for a Ritual. These Ritual Items are quite easy to find in small towns or villages, where every body seems to know everything, but the real challenge is where people do not speak your language or you don’t even know how to find these essential Ritual stuffs.

Here in RitualsMart, we have listed the most common rituals, and all the essential items needed for that Ritual. If you are not sure where to or how to get them in your location, you can just order it online through us, and we’ll take it upon ourselves to make sure you get your products in time. RitualsMart is your friend to keep you connected with your roots, no matter where you are.