According to legend, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and lord Vishnu’s wife, visits her devotees and bestows gifts and blessings upon each of them. To welcome the Goddess, devotees clean their houses, decorate them with finery and lights, and prepare sweet treats and delicacies as offerings. Devotees believe the happier Lakshmi is with the visit, the more she blesses the family with health and wealth.

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Laxmi Yantra 1 unit
Laxmi Photo/ Murti 1 unit
Water Kalash made of Stainless steel 1 unit
Kalash Vastra(Handkerchief,Napkin) 1 unit
Mango Tree Leaves(Aam ke Patte) 1 unit
Pancha Pallab 1 unit
White & Red Cloth 1 unit
Dhanya (Dhan) 100 Gram
Coconut (Nariyal, Srifal) 2 Pieces
Sesame Seeds (Till)/ (Bij) 50 Gram
Betel Nuts (Supari) 50 Gram
Betel Leaves (Paan Patta) 1 unit
Roli (Kalawa) 1 unit
Abir,Gulal 1 unit
Cloves(Lounge) 25 Gram
Insence Sticks (Agarbatti) 1 unit
Itter (Scent) 1 unit
Chunri 2 Pieces
Soubhagya;(Mehendi, Bangles, Kajol, Payajeb,Haldiki Ganth ) 1 unit
Kumkum 1 unit
Turmeric Powder(Haldi) 50 Gram
Coriander Seeds( Dhania) 50 Gram
Batashe ( Sweets) 100 Gram
Paddy Puffed Rice (Ukhuda) 50 Gram
Sindoor 25 Gram
Holy Basil Leaves (Tulsi Patta) 1 unit
Sudh Ghee (Ghruta) 100 Gram
Jaggary (Gud) 100 Gram
Janeu (White Holy Thread) 3 Pices
Akshata 100 Gram
White Sandal Powder (Chandan powder) 25 Gram
Red Sandal Powder (Chandan powder) 25 Gram
Astagandha powder 1 unit
Camphor (Kapor) 50 Gram
Cotton Wicks (Long Batti) 1 unit
Sacred Holy Water (Gangajal) 1 unit
Durbha Grass( Durba) 1 unit
Plain Rice (Chawal) 100 Gram
Saffron (Keshar) 1 unit
Green Cardamom (Elaichi) 25 Gram
Kusha 1 unit
Sesamme oil 50 ML
Wheat (Gehun) 100 Gram
Honey 1 unit
Sugar 100 Gram
Rose Water (Gulab Jal) 1 unit


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