Upanayana is a version of the sacred thread ceremony where the concept of Brahman is introduced to a young boy. Traditionally, the ceremony was performed to mark the point at which boys began their formal education.

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Munda walya 1 unit
Straight wooden stick about 3′ 4′ Long 5 pieces
New scissior (For Cutting hair of the Boy) 1 unit
Coloured Akshata 50 Gram
Rose water (Gulab jal) 100 ML
Wood burning (Lighter Fluid Bottle) 1 unit
Pure Ghee Bottle 100 Gram
Stainless Steel Spoon with Long Handle 2 Pieces
Black Sesame (Kala Til) 50 Gram
White Sesame (Safed Til) 50 Gram
Sattu -(Jau ) – Jav (Barely) 100 Gram
Black urad Dal (Black Lentil) 100 Gram
Sapta/Nav Dhanya – (Seven/Nine types of grains like – White Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Green peas, Chick peas, Brown Lentil, Gram , Rice, wheat.etc. .. 50 Gram
Yellow Mustrad 100 ML
White Rice Grains 100 Gram
Wheat Grains 100 Gram
Rangoli (Red, yellow, green,Rangoli colors) 1 Packet
Ganesh & Laxmi Picture 1 unit
Long Cotton wicks 1 unit
Cello Tape 1 unit
Kalash (Steel) 2 units
Cotton Balls 1 unit
Janeu (Janve) White Holy Thread 6 pieces
Moli (Red Holy Thread) 1 unit
Turmeric Powder 50 Gram
Kumkum 1 unit
Sandal Powder/Tablets packet 25 Gram
Astagandha Powder 1 unit
Agarbatti (Thin/incense Stick) 1 unit
Dhoop (Cones) 1 unit
Camphor (Karpoor) 50 Gram
Tambulam (Betel Leaves with stem) 1 unit
Betel Nuts (Supari) 50 Gram
Gud (Jagarry) Pieces 100 Gram
Dry Coconut Halves 200 Gram
Khadisakhar (White Sugar Crystals) Packet 100 Gram
Holy Basil Leaves (Tulsi Leaves ) if available 1 unit
Attar (Scent) small bottle 1 unit
Havan Wood (Mixed) 500 Gram
Havan Samagri 1 Packet


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