Griha Pravesh is a Hindu ceremony performed on the occasion of an individual’s first time entering their new home. The “Puja” or act of worship, is performed in various stages during the construction and entry of the home. Once the home is ready, the individual has to find an auspicious time to conduct the puja, in consultation with an astrologer or Hindu priest.

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Chunri 2 Pieces
Havan Samagri (1 packet) 1 Packet
Black Sesame Seeds (Black Till) 50 Gram
kamal beej (Kamal Gatta)/(Lotus Seed) 50 Gram
Durbha Grass  (Durba)
Red, White & Yellow Cloth Piece 1 Meter Each
Gari (Dry Coconut) 250 Gram
Sandal Powder (Chandan Powder) 25 Gram
Rakhsa Sutra -4 (Holy Mauli/Kalawa) 2 Meters
Basil Leaves (Tulsi Patta)
Batti (wicks /Light)
Camphor (Karpoor) 25 Gram
Sacred Holy Water (Gangajal) 100 ML
Cloves (Lounge/Labang) 25 Gram
Aluminium Foil -1 1 Meters
Akshat  (WHITE & YELLOW) 50 Gram Each
Navagraha Yantra 1 piece
Plain Rice 100 Gram
Laxmi Photo 1 piece
Lord Ganesh Photo 1 piece
Sudh Ghee (Ghruta) 100 Gram
Betel Nut (Supari ) 50 Gram
Rangoli (Five Colour Gulal) 1 Packet
Kumkum 1 unit
Sindoor  (Red Vermilion) 25 Gram
Dry Turmeric (Haldi Ganth) 50 Gram
Coconut (Nariyal) 2 Pieces
Cotton Wick (Suti Batthian) 20 Pieces
Ittar (Perfume) 1 unit
Rose Water (Cow Urine) 50 ML
Vastu  Pratima 1 unit
Dry Dates ( Khejur) 100 Gram
Honey (Sehad ) 25 Gram
Janeu (Sacred Thread) 5 Pieces
Mishri ( Sugar Candy/Rock Candy) 100 Gram
Yellow Mustrad Seeds (Pelli Sorso) 50 Gram
Green Cardamom (Elaichi) 25 Gram
Incense Stick (Agarbatti) 1 unit
Havan Wood (Mixed) 500 Gram


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