Akshatā has the ability to attract the frequencies of the five Deities in the Universe (Ganapati, Shri Durgadevi, Shiva, Shri Ram and Shri Krushna), to activate them, make them functional and to transmit them with the help of the Absolute Earth and Absolute Water elements. Hence, akshatā is sprinkled on every component of the ritualistic worship, so also on the Idol of Deity after the panchopachār or Shodashopachār pūjā and after activating the divinity in all of them, they are invoked to become functional. In the absence of any substance in a panchopchar pūjā, akshatā is used as a substitute. Akshatā is a medium that encompasses all the Deity Principles and hence is an important all-encompassing medium in ritualistic worship. Because of the energy in the Deity, when akshatā is offered to them, benevolent energy and vibrations develops in the akshatā. If a string of a sitar, among a pair of similar frequency sitars, is sounded then the same sound is emitted from the other sitars too.




Akshata basically consists of uncooked un-broken pieces of rice which is mixed with turmeric. It is sometimes used to bless bride and groom during weddings. Akshata is also sprinkled during other auspicious ceremonies. Symbolically, Akshata represents prosperity, fertility and bounty. When Akshata is offered to a deity, it is believed to be the finest offering that a devotee can make. Akshata is believed to be equal to offering clothes, jewelry, food, or any other offering. Akshata is usually thrown over the head of the devotees during pujas and during functions like marriage and other auspicious events

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